Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dreaming Baby Cake

Baby Dreaming of Ultimate Frisbee

I was honoured to make a 1st birthday cake for very special little girl.  Zoe's Granny had asked that the cake have a baby playing ultimate frisbee on it!   Challenging indeed!   This was a tough one in terms of how to go about that, without making a giant disproportioned (or worse; scary-looking) baby on the cake!  And because this was for such a special little girl, I wanted to be sure all elements of the cake looked just right.  That's where the idea of a baby dreaming of playing Ultimate Frisbee came in!   Here is sweet Zoe, dreaming peacefully in the grass, of becoming Ultimate Frisbee Champion!

Happy 1st Birthday, Zoe!


Cake for Two!

Happy Birthday To Us!
Note:   I completely forgot to take proper photos of this excuse the grainy photos taken from my Blackberry!!  And thank you to my friend's husband for getting a photo of us together!

 My friend and I were both born on Dec. 26 - Boxing Day!  I thought it would be fun to do some kind of joint cake that presents well as one, but could be separated to enjoy celebrations at two different locations!   And thus was born a 2-tiered cake, decorated in halves!  I had grand plans for this cake...however, I hadn't fully appreciated just how busy Christmas Day would be, and by 12:30am (now technically Boxing Day) when the cake needed all the finishing touches...I conceded that this cake may just not be all I had dreamed up!!

In any case, it had sweet decorations and was essentially my vision, sans fancy details.  I took the entire cake over to my friends house for her to see it all together, and then took my half (the "To Us" side) home with me eat with my family!

What you SHOULD have seen on the cake, was a fondant woman sitting on each side (my friend and I), all dressed up, with shopping bags and purses etc. piled on top...maybe next year!!

Happy Birthday to us!!

My friend and I with "our" cake.

Back of cake

As you can see below...I had started the fondant version of my friend and I for each side of the cake...however, by Boxing Day, these fondant beauties still had no clothes (or hair for that matter!) and no little shopping bags or purses had been made to be placed beside them.  At this point I decided to abandon the grander picture, and just go with a sweet, simple cake!

Unfinished cake (with fondant figures that never made it on to the cake).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Cake Pops

Festive Treats

At Christmas time, I often struggle to find the right gift for those who I feel deserve a special little 'thank you' (i.e. hair stylist, esthetician, my kids' teachers, etc...)  This year I decided to make some festive cake pops, dressed up in large brandy glasses with a big bow.   It is easy to come up with your own unique designs for your pops, and definitely ads a personal touch to your 'thank you'!  Plus they are delicious and are always happily accepted!  

Sea Shells by the Sea Cake

Sea Shells

"I have the world's largest collection of seashells.  I keep it on all the beaches of the world...perhaps you've seen it." - Steven Wright

White fondant sea shells and starfish, with golden 'sand' and white chocolate coral.  I feel calm when I see this cake.  Requested for the husband of a lovely couple, who live by the sea...