Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fondant Pig Cake Toppers

This little piggy went a birthday...!

Fondant cake toppers are good fun and a nice way to decorate without having to fondant and detail an entire cake. A simply iced cake and toppers set 'just so' can look just as nice!   This little piggy was made for a very special little girl who adores these little mud bathers.  Fondant balloons and little pig bums were additional toppers for the cake.  In addition to the dressy little pig were her little piglet friends, made to look like they were diving head-first into mud, with just their little bottoms and hooves sticking out..! The idea for the little pig bottoms was inspired by another cake seen on the internet.  If I find it again, I will include the link or the name of the creator!

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