Friday, October 28, 2011

Built like a Mack Truck

A structurally challenging cake made for my friends who own Mack Trucks in Nanaimo - for their 10th Anniversary "Bull Dog Days" celebration.   I had a great time making this and it was the first time I had to built a wooden support structure to hold and raise my cake!

The length of the trailer and cab combined was 22" long.  Height, including support dowels/axles was approx. 8".  It took 5 large cakes to make and weighed 21.5 lbs!

I've included some photos of the cake as it went along...

Cake base structure
Cab assembled and ganached...

Cab and trailer ganached and awaiting fondant!

Tires are cookies, covered in black fondant. Hand painted silver "hub caps".  See the little "chrome" bull dog mounted on the hood!?  :-)


  1. Hi thanks for sharing, I am going to try and make this cake next week... Very excited..

  2. Hi! I'm making a Semi-truck cake for this weekend. What did you make the long white base out of, that's sitting on top of the blocks?

    1. Hi Bronwyn! It is just a corrugated thin board! I think I got it at Home Depot! You could use anything really...I just wanted something easy to cut so I could make cuts for the wheels! Good luck! :-)