Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eragon Cake

What kind of cake do you make for a sweet boy who is a true bookworm and loves dragons?  Why, an Eragon cake of course!  This is one of my favorite cakes I have made so far.  I know I keep saying this, but I loved making this cake!   I took great pleasure in sculpting Saphira (the dragon) out of cereal treats, covering her in fondant, and giving her dragon scales and spikes and a little personality!  Her wings are painted with a blue sheen food colour, which gave them a bit of a sparkle.
The dragon in the movie and the dragon in the book by Christopher Paolini differ I tried to incorporate features of both.

The book, of course, is the actually cake (2 layer chocolate cake, with raspberry buttercream filling, covered in chocolate ganache and then fondant).   A ribbon (fondant) bookmark with birthday well-wishes written on it marks a pretend place within the "book".


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  2. Hi Setia,
    I stumbled across your blog while looking for inspiration for my 11 year old sisters cake. Your cake is phenomenal! Are you able to tell me what you used to colour the book?

    1. Sariah, thank you!

      I simply used brown (gel) food colouring with my white fondant to make the book colour. (work the food colouring into the fondant). Then to give it a bit more depth, I used a small amount of vodka (1 tsp approx) and more brown gel colouring mixed together and 'painted' a bit more colour onto the book with a brush.

      For the strips on the side of the spine, I used gold colouring!

      Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck on your sister's cake!


  3. What an amazing cake! Great job!

  4. how did you make the dragon/ sculpt the dragon.. i need to make one for my son's bday.. this will be my second cake..

  5. Thank you, mommyof3! I used cereal treats (rice kris pie squares) and just hand sculpted her and covered her in fondant. Just went by feel. Cereal treats are a great tool to make light things on top of a cake. Good luck with your son's cake! I'd love to see it! :-)