Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kayak Cake and Farmer with Chickens Cake

I had the honour of making two really fun cakes for two dear friend's husbands...However, it is tricky making an actual person out of fondant -  I worried that if I didn't have their features quite right they could be down-right offended.  I was thankfully given full-creative license on both cakes, and I think both Fondant Barry and Fondant Flav were a success!

First up is Fondant Barry Kayaking with his Faithful Blind Cat Stevie.    Followed by Fondant Flav and his Egg-laying Chickens!   Check them out...

Real Barry and Fondant Barry together at last!

 ...and along came the chicken farmer...

 Flav in the wooden barrel and chicken coop prior to cake assembly.

Real Flav with his barrel tub buddy


  1. I started making cakes a week after my son was born. I think I watched all the cake shows while pregnant. :) I love those. I am making a kayak cake soon. Did you use only fondant to make the kayak? Or mixed with gum paste? I normally make MMF so I'm wondering if it would keep its shape. I also live in GA and it gets very humid here

  2. Hi Alanna! Sorry for the delay in responding. I originally made the kayak just out of fondant, but it was a very soft fondant and the kayak started to bend when picked up. So...I made another from fondant and tylose (or gumpaste would work as well). Had I used my regular fondant I think it would have firmed up fine. Marshmallow fondant does tend to be softer so I would add some tylose to it, or use half fondant/half gumpaste to make it, or just gumpaste if it gets really humid! Good luck!