Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a Pie, It's a Cake, It's a.... Picake!?

What's better in the summer time than a deep dish pie with fresh berries?  How about a pie, baked inside a cake, and decorated to look like a pie!?

This was great fun to make!  
I was honoured to have the lovely and talented Jessie Oleson of Cakespy post my story of how this Picake creation came about, including a brief tutorial, on her Cakespy website!  

Also from Cakespy, check out Jessie Oleson's book entitled "Cake Spy presents Sweet Treats for a Sugar Filled Life".  I had a quick peek at it in Chapters on the weekend and my goodness do the treats look and sound delicious!!!  I will be running out to buy it at my next opportunity.   One of the treats in her book; Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict...(think donuts, brownies, and cadbury creme)...YUM!   Does it get any sweeter than that?    Check it out!

Pictures of the inside of my Picake...

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